The Story

2004   Upon seeing the sad situation of many children in his homeland, Gangshar Rinpoche decides to build an orphan school. As a first step he approached the local government and was encouraged by their support. Website was launched, information leaflets printed and fund raising in China was initiated.

2005   Location for the school was decided; more concrete talks with local community and government followed. Groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of construction on the land took place. Many government leaders, journalists and members of local community attended to show their support.

In preliminary research in four villages of Dege County 32 orphans who wish to go to our school were found. Team from Central Chinese Television (CCTV) came to film the living conditions of these orphans and the work of establishing the school.

Construction of the wall surrounding the school land was started in September. Due to severe cold no construction can be done from second half of October to end of March.

2006   Fund raising continued throughout the winter. Construction resumed in the spring, when the temperatures raise again.

The school was officially opened on 29th of September 2006 with 42 children getting a new home and an opportunity for a better life.

The second charity sale event was held in Beijing in November.

2007   The school has clean drinking water from a well. Additional accommodation for staff is being build. During the summer we thermo-insulated children bedrooms. Children are studying very well, and younger ones are less wild.

The number of orphans living in the school increased from 42 to 50.

The short movie about Shechen school was filmed in winter 2007.

2008   Yeshe Chutsong was critically ill and he needed intensive care (he has a brain tumor and was successfully operated in Beijing).

from 2008 forward The school successfully develops, the number of children increases.

2013   The School supports 105 children already!