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Shechen Charity Orphan School is a non-governmental organization. The founder and president of the school is Gangshar Rinpoche, a young Buddhist master from Shechen Monastery in Derge County. He is assisted by a team of volounteers from the local Tibetan community, other parts of China and abroad.

g01.gifGangshar Rinpoche, Dege

- Buddhist master from Shechen monastery
- Founder and president
- biography

e-mail: gongxia21@yahoo.com.cn
(in Tibetan and Chinese)

There is no reliable Internet in the school, so Rinpoche has rarely access to email. 





- Gangshar Rinpoche's sister and his assistant in running the school
- ensures the information about the school

e-mail: tsolha2002@yahoo.com
(in Tibetan, Chinese and English)

There is no reliable Internet in the school, so Tsolha has rarely access to email. 





2201862632664915049.jpgMatjaž and Ivona Trontelj, Slovenia

- Matjaž is a President of Charitable Association Tibet in Slovenia. He lived with Gangshar Rinpoche and his family in Shechen Monastery in 2004 and 2005 and participated in the establishment of Shechen school.
- Ivona is helping since 2007. She takes care of the website, communicates with Tsolha and performs administrative work for Charitable Association Tibet in Slovenia

-e-mail: matjaz@shechen-school.org
Either Matjaž or Ivona regularly answer emails in English and Slovenian.
mob: (+386) 31 380 466




General information: info@shechen-school.org

Tso Lha