Shechen School is a home for more than 100 kids and runs for 7 years already!

IMG_6895.JPGShechen Charity Orphan School is privately run charity home and primary school for orphans of Karze prefecture in east Tibet. The purpose of the school is to provide traditional family living environment for orphans and to give them basic education alongside training in practical vocational skills. The school is based on ethical values and promotes Tibetan culture and tradition hand in hand with understanding and appreciation of the modern world. The founder and president of the school is Gangshar Rinpoche, a young Buddhist master from Shechen Monastery in Derge County. The school has been operating since 2006.

» Education is of crucial importance to the development of human society. The most important is the practice of ethical way of thinking – how to be truly kind, how to benevolently help oneself and others. This must start with children. They will not only be able to benefit themselves and society, but they will also become the teachers in the future. When it comes to education, the orphans are particularly helpless. They don't have parents, no one they could depend rely on.«
-- Gangshar Rinpoche, the founder and director of the charity school for orphans

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Glimpses of life at the school

Shechen Charity Orphan School already supports 105 kids!

Some fresh information and photos from Shechen school! The School improved so much in the last years. Thank you sponsors!

Shechen Charity Orphan School is currently providing for 105 students.
  • 97 students are in the Shechen school
  • 4 students already study at Northwest University
  • 4 boys already study in Shechen Shedra from last year
We are happy to see that students are studying very hard. We are especially proud on 2 girls who will be admitted to Kanding Medical School next month! 4 girls will be admitted to Kanding Tibetan College in Sichuan Province! Bravo!!!

In the School currently works:
  • 12 teachers 
  • 2 life care mothers
  • 1 door keeper
  • 2 cooks
  • 1 school doctor
  • 1 driver
  • 1 tangka teacher
The School has:
  • 10 bedrooms for students
  • 7 classrooms
  • 1 clinic
  • 1 library
  • 1 office
  • 1 dinner hall
When it's warm kids eat outside. During evening break some kids are playing and some are reading.

Before and now - comparison of old and new in Shechen school


Tsolha sent us old and new pictures of Shechen school, from which is obvious how much the school progressed and improved.

Tthe old iron gates are replaced, because it was difficult to open and close them and because of the hard wind they were dangerous. The old dining hall was too dark and too small for all the children and cooks to fit in, so when it was not raining and snowing, children ate outside. In the new dining hall they have a lot of space where they can cook and eat healthy and delicious food.

image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.jpg image4.jpg image5.jpg image6.jpg

image7.jpg image8.jpg image9.jpg


In the old and simple bedroom two children slept in one bed. They also didn't have a place to put their stuff. New bedroom is clean and comfortable and children finally have enough space. The school area never had plants and trees, so they planted trees bythemselves, which represent their dream about nicer and greener future.

Children are so happy because of better living conditions in the school and have even more energy and will for studying.

image11.jpg image12.jpg image13.jpg

image14.jpg image15.jpg image16.jpg

image17.jpg image18.jpg image19.jpg image20.jpg

image21.jpg image22.jpg image23.jpg

image24.jpg image25.jpg

Report from Shechen school


Tsolha (Rinpoche's sister) sent us photos and school report in which both of them are thanking the sponsors for their help.

" I am very gratefull to all the sponsors who are helping the school from the very beginning. The only way that I can repay your kindness is to continue with hard work and do my best to improve living conditions of children and that one day, when you'll come here, you can see changed and brilliant lives of many young Tibetans." Gangshar Rinpoche

" Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wish all caring and kind people who helped us and are still helping us in hard times, all the best. Because od you we firmly believe in bright feature. We pray for everybody who's helping and take care of us. Let your future be bright and happy. Every day and our growth is mixed with your care and your love." Tsolha

Despite of very cold winter, children are less sick than the year before. Children moved into newly built bedrooms. New dining room was also built.

image17.jpg image8.jpg

Teachers taught really well for the last 2 years, so the majority of kids achieved good grades. They released a book of essays from all children in Shechen school for which they received high praise. Children's book of essays was published in 2000 copies and sold out within a few days at a Buddhist university Sirdha. Readers and khenpos from Sirdha praised essays and they said that children writing skills go beyond all expectations.

image59.jpg image60.jpg

Teachers live two by two in one room in very simple living conditions.


Children help with cleaning the snow in the yard, they carry out firewood and clothes from the sponsors from the truck, the older children help younger children with washing their hair. When they have a break, the kids play in the yard, lots of them are studying in front of the class.

image50.jpg image51.jpg image52.jpg

image55.jpg image49.jpg image23.jpg

Older children are learning the art of calligraphy. As the level of children's knowledge is higher, they added the sixth grade. Due to lack of space, they have classes in a tent, even in the winter.

image38.jpg image34.jpg image43.jpg

Lot of schools where Tibetan students can study Tibetan and other objects in their own language are closed or they significantly reduced the volume of objects. Nomadic students in remote places face the most difficult situation . In Shechen school they are trying very hard to keep the school and to provide quality education.

News from Tso Lha


Bedrooms and dinner hall are under construction. If things go well, children will be moved to new rooms at the end of November.

Due to the very cold and long winter, two children got tuberculosis and are being treated at a hospital in Chengdu.

Yeshi is staying in Chengdu for his treatment after having second head operation in Bejing. He is still not well and it seems that he will never fully recover.

Members of the Slovenian Association of Tibetan dog owners visiting the school


Author of the photos is Primož Peer.