»A short term plan is to accept 150 children to the school. People see that we are working very hard to provide the children with best possible care and education. Because of this the relatives and even the villagers on their own accord take orphans to Shechen school and ask us to accept them. But, for now we do not have enough capacity.«
-- Gangshar Rinpoche

The current facilities are inadequate even for current needs. The children are growing, but still sleep in twos per bed.  Even in the dining room is barely enough room for everyone to have a meal together. Within a year we would like to build additional bedrooms for children and a new dinning room with a kitchen.

With the activities mentioned??? we would like to ensure jobs for children after they complete their education and at the same time provide a sustainable income source for maintenance and further development. The first store under the patronage of the Shechen Charity Orphan School was opened in the Summer of 2009 outside of the school walls. The store is providing the local population and visitors with basic supplies, treats, personal hygiene products and petrol.

Formal education is only one part of the whole project. Shechen Charity Orphan School is also a home and a family for children. There is still a long way to go before children can enjoy healthy, clean and comfortable living environment. We need your help to achieve that.