»The purpose of the school is to provide a good life for each child. We are responsible for each and every one of them. We can not only provide them with education and send them from the school into the world – we need to take care of their future. Some children will be sent to study in high schools and universities, while others need to learn other skills like sewing clothes, hairdressing, drawing, electrical fitting, machine fixing so that they can find a job and take care of themselves.«
-- Gangshar Rinpoche

Rural communities in Tibet today are confronted with many challenges, especially with the way how, in contact with the material progress and globalization, not to lose good sides of traditional life, their culture and values. People generally only have two choices: to remain prisoners of illiteracy or to take advantage of education as a means of escape from their environment. If people have to choose between their tradition on the one hand, and modern life on the other, there is no bright future for precious Tibetan culture.

With this school we want to show children and communities how to appreciate unique qualities of their environment and culture, and to equip them with practical skills so that they can create a good life for themselves and others in their own country.

Local government estimated that in the Karze Prefecture there are at least 1000 orphans who needs to be taken care of. On land of Shechen School there is room for at least 200 children. Gangshar Rinpoche's vision is to first of all take care of the quality of lifes of current children, then expand the school and then build schools at other locations using the same model.