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»I never forget the kind people, who help the school from all over the world. Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation, I am especially grateful for your help. I see the achievements of our children and I see how they have progressed thanks to your support.«
-- Gangshar Rinpoche

This is a non-governmental endeavour and all funds for construction and running of the school need to be raised by ourselves. More than 1000 individuals from China and abroad contributed to the construction of the school, many of whom continue to support the school on the regular basis. The Government of Derge County and Karze Prefecture issued permission for the school, and provincial and central media reguraly report about our work.

Your regular support is still of crucial importance for the maintenance and development of the Shechen charity school for orphans, because it provides for good living conditions, education and health care. All forms of help -donations, regular monthly contributions, volunteer work, material help are still very warmly needed and welcomed with deep gratitude.

These children lack everything that we enjoy and cherish: warm home, caring family, material comforts, freedom of choice, opportunities to grow and develop. We can not afford to leave them out of our hearts. They deserve the best we can give them; together we can relief their misery and bring hope and joy in their lives.

We must act fast and need your help with creating good living and study environment for the children.

»All of you, who help the school are the same as I am – I never think I do more. We have the same heart and a common goal to help the school. I hope you will continue to help the school. On my part I will continue to try and give my best. In the name of children, the staff and in my name I thank from my heart to all of the friends of the Schechen charity school for orphans. I am very grateful for everything and I pray for you.«
-- Gangshar Rinpoche

Ideas about how you can help:

  • with donation
  • z mesečnim prispevkom
  • s tem, da o šoli poveste naprej
  • z objavo informacij o šoli v medijih (na blogih, v časopisih, tv, radio)
  • najdete medijskega pokrovitelja šole
  • organirate predavanja o Šečen šoli v slovenskih osnovnih in srednjih šolah
  • priredite dobrodelno razstavo
  • kupite knjigo Kralj sveta. Od vsakega prodanega izvoda knjige je 2,10 € namenjeno Šečen dobrodelni šoli za sirote
  • dobrodošle so tudi donacije podjetij.
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